About the Blog

The topics

Of course that before throwing myself in the adventure (to say less) of having a blog I stopped and think about what kind of blog I would like to have … as I said … I think … so at the end there were good news and great news:

  • Good news: I have no idea of what kind of topic I wanna write about! So (almost) anything is possible: society, opinion, tech, philosophy, fashion, … anything that can have an interesting (funny/useful/curious) approach is welcome and its guaranteed to be treated with critical-bittersweet-mad-scientist point of view.
  • Great news: the blog can evolve!! or even better … can be adaptable!!! wooohooo … so I loved suggestions … intelligent ones are preferred (of course). UPDATE: the posts in the blog are going to be swapping between 3 languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese … why? basically because my mind is a little temperamental and each post has a feeling (and a language) attached to it … #ooooppss

The name

Easy answer for the question about the blog’s name (One gone and so many turns), just a reference of 2 things:

  • JRR Tolkien, the similarity with the Spanish name of his novel “There and Back Again” (Una ida y una vuelta) evidence my admiration for this author.
  • Life: just one journey supposed to go always forward, but that ironically sometimes take turns anf folds no one seems to expect … and actually that’s the most difficult/awesome part.

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