Hi! My name is Rosalia, and I am addicted to TED Talks… :)

Ok, this post it is going to be really short (btw… that is the way I think every time I am writing a post… usually it didn’t work as I desire). I have being (officially) absent of this blog for a while, at least that is what my worried app of WordPress is telling me by sending me an email with the following subject: “We’ve miss you, we hope to hear from you soon”… that totally made my day, I mean, it was pretty sensible for being a (ro) bot. Anyway, I wasn’t so disconnected from here ( and my 13 drafts for posts are an invisible proof of that), however, I do need some time for a little bit of editing :S … hope to find that window of time soon!

In the meanwhile, I could not avoid spreading to every corner I can one of my favorites (and recently assumed) addictions: TED Conferences! If you have not hear from them, I am happy to tell you that you just win a ticket to explore the universe from inside a rocket in a very exclusive flight, one way only, to Mars!!(Yeah, that was my overreacted way to say that you should be ashamed) Well, getting back to business, TED Conferences have being there for over 30 years, and they have cover almost every subject imaginable, from arts and photography, Rubik’s cubes, social science, environmental problems, engineering and medicine, to beatboxing and Ig Nobel Prizes.

It is amazing, not just because of the quality of the Talks (the issues analyzed, the speaker, the way she/he deliver the message, the questions, the material/information/data shown) BUT (yeah, it is a big but) for all the indirect knowledge that you, in a personal experience, can get from it. Sometimes, just one phrase absolutely twist your perception about a subject, or carries you in a totally different trip (as valuable as the main one), sometimes makes you remember something you ask yourself a while ago.

So, take the reason you want, whether is practicing your English, filling some free time, finding out amazing performances, researching about disability, justice, religion or technology, finding inspiration. Just go there and watch a TED Talk, just one. I promise it is enough. I started like that; it was Diana Nyad in December 2013.

Hi, my name is Rosalia, and I am addicted to TED Talks… and I am proud of it!


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