525600 minutes


For those who are wondering about the title … let me tell you: it is not that I went crazy … It is just a little bit of broadway … it is a song from the RENT’s musical … “Season of love” … 525 600 is the amount of minutes contained in a year of life … It is a lap around the sun … and no I did not do the math … (and I’m not gonna do it! … if anyone wants to bring in the accurate calculation  … be my guest … I’ll thank you a lot!) Anyway … what do I have to say about this song? Well … In order to make my point I need to tell you a little bit about today.

It has been 360 minutes from the moment I woke up, 315 since I went out for my usual saturday’s jogging (yes I’m only a patetic saturday’s runner … #WeAreNotDiscussingMyExerciseRouting … so give me a break #please) 180 since breakfast, 120 since I started to read the bunch of scientific papers I need to analise …. yeah … I know … it’s a lot of numbers … everything is numbers … more and more minutes … passing really quickly … but there is one truth underneath … no minute is equal to the other … they are all unique.

Nowadays, people goes to fast, timing every single second of their lifes (#YesIamAClockAddict), running, always with many important things to do (I do believe there are really important), trying desperately to win the game against the clock … well I realize about something … if you worry that much about the time … then you are losing … you lose the oportunity to stop, to look whatever is arround you, to hold a hand, to give a hug (#FreeHugs), to listen, or even to breathe. I think that minutes count not because of the 60 seconds in it, but because they mean something, because they became memories, stories, laughs, dances in the kitchen, movies, stupid jokes, adventures, eye contacts … and whatever you experience. That’s no news for anyone, however, people get surprise when someone look at the moon and is capable of being amaze about how beautiful it is, or the star that is not a star #IsVenus, or when you stop in the street to help someone.

Yeah, “time is money” … but you do not need to spent all your money in activities related to profit (at least not materialistic profit), or something outside yourself. I thing it is a really major need (yeahhhh specialy now … with the whole information society, science and technology … specially the last one!) to invest a little bit of time on you, to remember that at the end of the day you are just “human”, not a robot, not a machine, not an android. So … minutes are countable, yeahhh  …. you need to take the most advantage of your time to do whatever you need to do, yeahhh  …. you have priorities, yeahhh … all of that it is truth … but you need to realize that time, for us (people), is not only time, is life, so  … what do you think: do you can count life? I believe we can not. Time is also a one way journey, it never goes back, so keep in mind that you can only count the past, not the future … I say that only for those who make of the quote “someday (when I have time) I will do XYZ” their favorite lema.

So … work hard, study as hell, give your best, but do not give it all … keep some time to yourself … I kanow people who is going to say that they love what they do (work, study, activities) … and that’s awesome … then … look for more … explore yourself … take time to experiment new things … things you do not know …

Take a little time to be happy, you deserve it, take time to enjoy, and build some experiences, maybe you do not know yet … but that way you are building a better future, you are building a better Y-O-U … and to me … that rocks!!

PD1:  I have absolutelly no idea why this post is in english … #Let’sBlameObama, #Microsoft or the #Jesuits.

PD2: Agradecimentos especiais para minhas duas editoras convidadas: Carol e Izabela … eu sei que vocês não queriam me ajudar, mas não podem fugir … é uma das vantagens de morar juntas … =)

PD3: [#woooohooooo Es-port-glish] Eu sei … estoy debiendo un post in português!!!

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